Software And Services Tailored To Your Needs

We analyse the business processes and workflow in your organisation. We identify where there is room for improvement and where geographic information technology can support your organisation in achieving its strategic objectives. Accordingly we design, implement and offer geospatial software and services that are tailored to your particular needs.

Applying Standards

Beginning with the data model up to the final implementation of software and services we apply standards for geographic information to support interoperability and facilitate data exchange between different software systems / environments. The most relevant standards we apply are those of the ISO 191xx series as well as the ones of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). Another resource that we use heavily is the INSPIRE Directive and the relating technical documents and implementation rules. INSPIRE is one of the best resources if you plan to set up a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) within your organisation or among various organisations.

Strong Focus On Open Source Software

Data is the most valuable asset of any information system. Looking at the components hardware, software and data of an information system, it is the data that will cause the major part of the expenditures (i.e. acquisition of data and keeping it up-to-date). In particular in public administration where financial resources are usually scarce the available budget should be spent on high quality data rather than on costly software licenses and maintenance contracts. That is only one reason why we strongly focus on Open Source Software. This way your organisation has no license costs and is not bound to any vendor. We work with Open Source Software that is proven, stable and reliable and that is used by public administrations, companies and organisations all over the world. The software that we build upon, customise and tune includes:

  • PostgreSQL
  • PostGIS and pgrouting
  • QGIS
  • MapServer Suite (MapServer, MapCache and TinyOWS)
  • Tegola
  • Mapbox GL JS
  • OpenLayers
  • Linux (server and desktop)

Certified Database Professionals

allspatial individuals are certified as database professionals (Certificate) and are proficient in setting up and maintaining PostgreSQL database management systems in demanding, large-scale production environments and high performance and availability scenarios. The certification programme is provided by EnterpriseDB, one of the main contributors to the development of PostgreSQL. The Postgres Plus Professional is the highest certification level currently offered by EnterpriseDB.

Agile Software Development

Whenever we develop and customise software we follow the Agile Software Development approach. That means, among other things:

  • Close communication and interaction between the developer (that's us) and the client
  • Early, frequent and continuous delivery of software
  • Creation of working and valuable software
  • Transparent development process (The client can check on the progress of development in an easy way at any time.)