How We Can Support You

Spatial data, geographic information and the relating standards and technology are our passion. And we like to make the most out of it to facilitate your work (and/or life) as well as to support you in taking more informed decisions. Quite often a piece of data turns into information only (and thus, becomes actually useful) when it gets spatially related. That is where we join the game.

We provide professional advice and the knowledge and technology to turn your data into (spatial) information and manage that information in the most efficient and useful way for your particular needs. The services listed as follows briefly describe the work that we do. If you need detailed information do not hesitate to contact us and we will identify what solution we can provide for your specific situation and requirements.

  • GIS In Your Organisation

    GIS In Your Organisation

    We support you in implementing a GIS within your organisation. We identify how a GIS can support the strategic objectives of your organisation, and we design the system accordingly. If you are already using GIS technology we make sure you get the most out of it.

  • GIS Customisation

    GIS Customisation

    Off-the-shelf GIS software does often not fit your specific requirements. We customise GIS software by implementing plug-ins that add the tools and functionality precisely as you need them. We build upon QGIS, one of the most stable and reliable Open Source GIS.

  • (Mobile) Web- And Native Apps

    (Mobile) Web- And Native Apps

    We implement web- and native apps that allow users to access location based services from a desktop- or mobile device. We build upon the Mapbox Vector Tile standard that provides a whole new level of fast and interactive web mapping. On client-side we use OpenLayers and Mapbox GL JS.

  • Spatial Databases

    Spatial Databases

    We design and implement spatial databases according to the needs of your organisation, using PostgreSQL and PostGIS. We verify and migrate the data you already have and provide long-term maintenance for your database server.

  • Database Tuning

    Database Tuning

    We tune and optimise PostgreSQL databases for scenarios where high performance and availability are most crucial. We configure replication setups, standby solutions, and we know quite a few tricks on how to make your database faster.

  • Position Tracking

    Vehicle Tracking

    We have implemented a plugin for QGIS that permits you to track the position of multiple vehicles (e.g. cars, drones, etc.) simultaneously and in real time. The plugin can connect to any RESTful service that provides data in GeoJSON format. We offer the same feature in mobile apps.

  • Network Information System (NIS)

    Network Information System (NIS)

    An NIS is your choice if you need functionality as network tracing, routing and navigation. You use it to manage water supply and drainage network assets, road networks, etc. We support you in setting up an NIS and in preparing your data and the required topology accordingly.

  • Web Services

    Web Services

    Web services are a technology to exchange and share data platform- and system independently through the network. We set up and configure web services compliant with ISO and OGC standards, building upon the MapServer Suite. A well known example is the Web Map Service (WMS).

  • Data Migration And Conversion

    Data Migration And Conversion

    Data is the most valuable asset in any information system. We support you in migrating your (spatial) data from one system to another while minimizing the risk of information loss during that process. We have the tools and experience to convert your data between numerous formats.

  • Spatial Analysis

    Spatial Analysis

    Being able to perform powerful spatial analysis is one of the main reasons to use a GIS. We utilise these capabilities heavily to generate information products such as maps, reports, lists and charts for you. The results are limited only by the data that you have available.

  • Training


    We provide customised training workshops on geospatial standards and technology. Topics (Training Courses) include GIS basics, advanced spatial analysis, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, GIS plug-in development and more.

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