Who We Are

Mobile Web App Example
Mobile Web App Example

allspatial is a consultancy business providing customised geospatial software and services. The business is owned by Michael Wagner who holds an MSc in Geographic Information Science and Systems and is a postgraduate engineer in geoinformatics and land surveying. For the last fifteen years Michael has implemented and customised geospatial software and provided consultation and training on geospatial information and the relating standards and technology (such as GIS) in numerous projects and countries. In 2012 he established his own business allspatial.

allspatial is registered in the Republic of Seychelles and is based on Mahe.

Who You Are

If you are from a public authority, organisation, agency, company or educational institution that requires:

  • Prepared spatial data (such as maps, reports, charts, etc.)
  • Customised tools and technology to manage spatial information, leverage location intelligence and support more informed decision-making
  • (Mobile) Web- and native apps to make spatial information available to the public and to clients/customers through the Internet
  • Implementation of a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) to share and exchange spatial information in compliance with established ISO and OGC standards
  • Training and professional advice on geographic information standards and technology

then we are the ones to support you.

Thus, among the beneficiaries of our services would be:

  • Agencies in charge of land management and land administration matters
  • Emergency services (police, fire brigade, disaster risk management, etc.)
  • Insurance companies
  • Health authorities
  • Environmentally relating organisations and agencies
  • Public utilities and transport corporations
  • District administrations
  • Schools and universities
  • The tourism sector